Did you hear that in 2003, a Megabucks Slot player from Los Angeles won a whopping $39.7 million at Excalibur Casino in Las Vegas?

Online slots are purely a game of chance. You just have to spin and hope to bring home a big win. Even so, there is still a strategy that can increase your chances of becoming the next famous jackpot winner.

But how exactly do you achieve it? Some tips to increase the likelihood of winning huge online slots jackpots are shared below. Let’s dive into the details.

Find a high RTP percentage

RTP is called Return to Player Percentage and is a technical term used in slot machines. Players must understand it because it significantly affects the gaming experience. It is the percentage of the bet amount returned to the bettor in the form of wins and bonuses.

For example, when you encounter an online slot machine with an RTP of 95%, it means that you can win 95% of the total bet. So the higher the RTP, the better your chances of getting value for money.

Please note that it is important to consider the licensing authority of the casino. Always check if the gaming operator is legitimate. Fortunately, there are some good licensees that have strict rules requiring the casino to display the RTP value of the slot machines.

Determine the volatility

Another key factor in choosing a slot machine is volatility. This is a measure of the frequency of slot machine payouts. If you play low volatility slots, you can easily create winning combinations, but the wins are smaller. High volatility slots are the opposite. Players who are looking for realism and have a large enough bankroll should stick to high volatility games. However, if you are a player with a limited budget, it is best to play low variance games.

Consider paylines

Players often overlook paylines when choosing slots. These are the lines on which you can create winning combinations. Paylines can be vertical, horizontal or diagonal. With this in mind, more paylines means more chances of hitting. Also, stick to a fixed payline slot, as you will always use all valid paylines. Most casinos offer between 10 and 50 fixed paylines.

Using Loyalty Programs

Who says that online casino bonuses are not suitable for use on online slots? Bonuses at casinos are the best way to protect your money. The casino offers loyalty programs such as free spins and bonus cash, which gamers use to spin the reels without risking their funds. However, as mentioned before, please read the bonus terms and conditions to determine if the pass requirements are valid. Also, get information about the maximum wagering limits with bonuses.