Slots are the most played online casino game. Slots are beautiful, easy to play, and offer the biggest payouts in online gaming. However, slots are constantly evolving, with complex game mechanics and bonus features being added daily.

Therefore, players are constantly researching how to beat the house while playing slots. If you are one of these players, here is an in-depth guide to online slot tips.

Pursuing High RTP Rates

All online casino games have an RTP, and slots are no exception. In short, this is the theoretical return a player can expect from the game, and RTP is usually measured on a scale of 1% to 100%. But what is the best RTP? While a high RTP does not necessarily guarantee a higher win rate, it is best to choose anything above 96%, which is the industry standard. Remember, the higher the rate, the less you will lose per hour.

Determining Volatility

Another key factor in choosing a slot machine is volatility. This is a measure of how often the slot machine pays out. If you play low volatility slots, you can easily create winning combinations, but the wins are smaller. High volatility slots are the opposite. Players who are looking for realism and have a large enough bankroll should stick to high volatility games. If you are a player on a budget, it is best to play low variance games.

Check Hit Frequency

Hit frequency and volatility are somewhat related. Both can help players understand how often the machine is paying. Hit frequency is measured as a percentage, and higher rates mean more winning sessions. If you are a player on a budget, consider a hit rate higher than 30%. However, jackpot chasers will have to face lower rates, sometimes less than 10%. Sadly, game developers usually do not specify this game feature.

Play demo games

Why waste time playing the demo version of online slots? Slot machines are the easiest games to play. Players don’t even need to have prior knowledge to play these games. But as developers fill more in-game features, you may need to learn the ropes before playing real money online casino slots. In addition, most developers do not give hit frequencies and volatility.

Don’t be fooled by welcome bonuses

The best online casinos welcome players in irresistible ways. For example, bonus promotions. New players get 100% up to $300 plus 25 free spins. But look closely and you will see that the casino has increased the evil wagering requirements and it is almost impossible to withdraw the bonus. So, no matter how much the bonus is, don’t get more than 40x extra on the pass requirement. Remember that you can always skip the bonuses and play with real cash.


Mastering these online slots strategies is a sure way to success. Although the outcome of a slot machine depends entirely on luck. But you don’t need rocket science to know that a lower house edge is more player-friendly. But all in all, don’t count on anything in online gaming.