There are no online slots that can attract all game players equally. However, there are some criteria that indicate that slots have a legitimate probability of winning on free slots, as well as high RTP, bonuses, etc. You will learn tips on how to choose the best online slots in this review.

Payout Table

The payout table should be the first item that comes to your mind. If a player collects a set of offered symbols, it contains the coefficient that will be multiplied by the online bet. The player has a chance to win by choosing a slot machine with high payout. x5,000 indication is considered to be important. It can be found in almost every Igrosoft slot machine as well as in the games of Microgaming, NetEnt and other developers.


All slot machines have an RTP indicator. The higher the RTP, the more money the gambler can win. The most powerful slots have an RTP of 99%. 97-98% return rate is considered a high indicator. If the slot gives less than 95-96%, then you should not choose it.

In almost all modern slots from leading manufacturers, the return player indicator is specified in the official help or rules page. -Its RTP is 99.908%.

However, not all games provide RTP information. Usually, older devices do not provide this information. In this case, slot machine reviews and reviews of other players will help to understand these features.

Free spins and bonus features

When making a decision, don’t just look at the RTP; there are other factors to consider, such as free spins and bonuses. During free spins, funds are not deducted from the player’s account. Instead, the casino pays for it, which means that there is a chance to win more without placing additional bets. It is also possible to activate bonus games, but this rarely happens.

There are two types of payout bonuses:

  • Bonuses for making direct transactions

The gambler pays a pre-determined amount, for example x100 bets, in exchange for re-spins, free spins or bonus games. A fee is charged in exchange for a higher possibility of triggering a bonus. Players are guaranteed not to receive a bonus, but the likelihood of receiving a bonus increases as the size of the bet increases.

  • Jackpots

The maximum win is defined by the coefficient and bonus multiplier in most online slots; however, other slots do not have such a limit. These are progressive jackpot games. They have a prize fund that is made up of wagering deductions from participants around the world and can be expanded indefinitely. The amounts involved are huge.


When choosing a slot machine with a large amount of money, it is better to consider the progressive jackpot first. Local jackpots with fixed amounts are usually much smaller, but this extra cash bonus is one of the advantages of slots. Payouts, RTP, bonus features and payout features should all be taken into consideration. The combination of these elements allows you to win more often and for longer periods of time.