High Roller Slots Strategy combines basic slot strategy with a focus on above-average cost per spin games. I’m not going to fill your head with nonsense betting strategies or the typical slot wizardry found in the High Roller strategy guides. Instead, here is a common sense approach to playing high limit slot games.

What are High Roller Slots?

A typical slot game accepts relatively low denomination bets. The denomination represents the value of each credit bet in the game, and modern games allow a wide range of bets per spin.

High roller slots accept much larger denomination bets than other slots. A typical slot machine in the slots section will have machines that accept bets of $5 or more per spin. And there is virtually no limit to how high the denomination of the slot can go. Some modern games have been programmed to allow bets of $5,000 or more on a single spin of the reels.

What is the difference between the limit and standard slots?

Aside from the larger bet size per spin, the High Roller slots are basically the same as other slot games. Most of the time, a High Roller slot machine is just a standard slot game that is programmed to accept a different range of bets.It is not uncommon to see the advantages of a high-roller slot machine over other machines as a concession to the high cost of play.

It is not uncommon to see the advantages of a high-roller slot machine over other machines as a concession to the high cost of play.

Although Hawker games are not always a better choice than standard limit slots, I can confidently state some other facts about them. No matter where you play, you will find that the limit slots are much less than the standard limits.

This is the final point about the difference between high-limit and low-limit slot games: as a high-limit customer, you’ll probably get a better deal than you would on a standard gaming floor. Sure, you might get a free cocktail or a plate of nachos when you play standard limit slots.

But this pales in comparison to the VIP treatment offered at some of the luxury casino areas. The bigger the casino resort, the better they treat their VIPs, which includes players who invest thousands or tens of thousands of dollars on high limit slots in a single session.

High Roller Slot Strategies

Below is a collection of 3 of the most valuable slot machine tips. These tips are designed to keep your high-roller slots games entertaining by avoiding big losses and common high-limit game traps.

  • Set strict win-lose limits and stick to them

Managing your slot money is even more important when you’re pushing $10 or $25 into the machine on every spin. Setting a win limit will prevent you from getting greedy and ruining a big success, while setting a loss limit will help you manage your gaming time and keep you from having to explain how you spent $5,000 in one afternoon.

  • Choose the maximum betting level you can afford on the Hawker slot machine

Obviously, the best prizes and biggest payouts on any slot machine will be awarded to the bettors with the biggest stakes. I can’t think of a good reason to play a Hawker slot machine without placing a maximum bet. In this case, you should probably reconsider trying high limit slots. Some high limit games don’t even make sense without a max bet.

  • Start with a simple slot machine

Classic machines are still the main product in the high-end segment. This is because game designers don’t make a lot of money from manufacturing and selling machines that make up such a small percentage of the floor of a given casino. Instead, casinos often modify older games to accept larger bets and pay out larger prizes.